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Lip Plumping (Rejuvenation)

PlumpRF – Lips rejuvenation

The Breakthrough RF lip plumping treatment without injections or downtime!

It is well known that external factors such as a poor diet, smoking, dehydration, sun damage and more can influence the color, shape and vitality of our lips due to the loss of connective tissue (collagen and elastin), moisture and reduced blood microcirculation which can lead to dual color and a thin dermal layer.

Viora is offering a fully customizable, wholly better alternative to injectables. Using advanced technology completely unique to Viora, this revolutionary treatment open lip plumping up to an entirely new clientele while keeping current patients more satisfied than ever.

Now, an option exists for all patients to attain natural, full, desirable lips without the risk of discomfort, bruising and downtime using Viora’s V-ST Handpiece or ST applicator on the Reaction system.