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Anti Cellulite

Have you noticed that orange peel texture on your tummy, tights, underarms, and buttocks? You’re not alone!

Two mechanisms of RF energy and vacuum therapy (core technology) are used to work with the body’s natural regeneration processes. Going deep under the skin, the RF energy targets enlarged fat pockets to reduce fat cell volume and increase the metabolism while the vacuum manipulation increases local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Along with the benefits of effective cellulite treatment, deep heating induces the stimulation of fibroblast to enhance collagen and elastin production, resulting in a significant side benefit of skin tightening!

Cellulite occurs in more than 80% of women over the age of 20. Even average and underweight people have cellulite and the condition is usually triggered with the onset of puberty.

The reaction is designed to treat those stubborn cellulite marks at the core while strengthening existing collagen fibers, rendering a more toned and firmer appearance to your skin.